A little about Bridget Krone the author

I live in Hilton, South Africa with my husband and our two grown sons who come home for occasional holidays. Our house is on the edge of a farm and a nature reserve and I can see cows on the hill as well as the Drakensberg mountains from my stoep.

I was an English teacher for a few years and then started writing English text books for South African schools. I still write readers, study guides, teacher guides and text books and I’ve also compiled poetry and short story anthologies.

My novel for children, Small Mercies, was published in 2020 in America by Catalyst Press as well as by Walker Books in London. It’s also available as an audio book and has been translated into Spanish, mainland Chinese and Taiwan Chinese.

My latest book The Cedarville Shop and the Wheelbarrow Swap has also been published by Catalyst Press. It released in South Africa on the 8th August 2022 and will be available in the USA and Canada in September 2022.